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I’m so excited to announce that I’ll soon be sharing insights from my 20+ years of mortgage loan origination experience with the general community in my new book, Mortgage Matters:  Demystifying the Mortgage Loan Approval Maze!

The mortgage industry has by many measures, struggled to meet consumer expectations on the timeliness of loan application decisioning.  Mortgage Matters will empower the applicant with the necessary tools of organization and understanding for the battlefield of mortgage banking.  I won’t sugarcoat it, regulatory changes now require a lot of documentation from the consumer and a lot more work for the lenders.  Streamlining the process is essential.

If you’ve waited until you’ve signed a sales contract/purchase agreement to begin loan preparations, you will in all likelihood experience a very stressful few weeks due to delays in gathering documentation and unease about the decisioning of your loan request.   As financing contingencies are very relevant agreements that need to be adhered to, work with your lender to deliver all necessary items without delay.

Beginning with a Comprehensive Mortgage Application Checklist,  you will have the roadmap to begin gathering the majority of loan documentation to deliver to your loan officer upfront, day one. Don’t go by the vague, short list of documents all lenders list on their websites.  Instead follow along in the book and develop an understanding as to what affects the mortgage process, learn the common avoidable delays, how lenders document income, what you can do today and every day to ensure you have access to the best available rates and loan programs.


For the millions of borrowers who are frustrated with the lending process, who have struggled through the decisioning of their loan, and who wish to reduce anxiety by gaining better control.


For the thousands of Realtors who are sought after by their buyers to assist with the struggles of understanding the mortgage loan approval process and who yourselves are experiencing increased anxiety with loan commitments oftentimes coming in a day before the scheduled closing – if at all, advance a copy of this book to your clientele as part of your value proposition to expedite the decisioning of their loan and thus create a more favorable experience for all parties.


For the thousands of mortgage industry professionals whose incomes, job descriptions, and career trajectories have been on a roller coaster ride for the last decade, I hope this book helps your clients come to your initial interview prepared, that you will increase your fundings and that you will be able to spend more time nose-to-nose, drumming up new relationships versus sitting behind an electronic device waiting for the next emergency to divert your attention.


For the Global Community who struggle with language barriers, different customs of US homeownership, a credit system that is new to them and who are subjected to even longer lists of documents requiring translations that add further delays, I’ve included a special section to address your specific concerns.  I will also be publishing the book in the languages of Spanish and Mandarin.


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Sylvia M. Gutiérrez, NMLS id 372427

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