Sylvia M. Gutiérrez


Sylvia M. Gutiérrez is a Mortgage Professional.  Since 1993, she has engaged in the industry as both a mortgage banker and broker originating for one of the Big Three, a mid-size bank, a community bank, a mortgage banker, and a mom and pop shop.  These experiences have provided a wealth of knowledge and a breadth of understanding for each avenue a borrower can take in seeking a mortgage loan.

Sylvia advocates for financial literacy among all consumers, particularly for immigrant’s arriving in the US with no real knowledge of US credit systems who must face additional struggles against the inherent systemic challenges within the mortgage process. While there are many resources available in the market for mortgage education, until now, none has been written to offer an adequate explanation of loan approval processes and requirements, to effectively prepare the consumer for pre-application shopping and formal loan application or to that gives a comprehensive understanding of timeline expectations throughout the mortgage  process.

The financial crisis turned the mortgage industry on its heels. The negative attention created a swarm of commentary – some true and some completely false – with polarizing views across the aisle. With the roll-out of the final rules of the Dodd-Frank act, recovery has been a long time coming and the industry is now moving from stability towards growth.

Interest rates remain historically low, and yet homeownership rates are falling in every segment of America due to an increased regulatory environment and credit tightening by lenders. All eyes have a single-minded focus on preventing a recurrence of the mortgage market meltdown. The new housing crisis of 2015 and beyond, will not be due to poor lending practices, but to the inability to obtain credit. Mortgage Matters: Demystifying the Loan Approval Maze provides the necessary insight that will make the mortgage application process less intimidating and less daunting, providing the reader with the tools for faster decisioning of loan requests and sets proper expectations.

Sylvia feels strongly that homeownership is still the number one way to build wealth.  Millennials are the next generation of homeowners who witnessed the stress, fear, and anxiety experienced by their parents through job loss or underemployment, declines in home valuations and wealth erosion when equity dissipated. They are naturally more apprehensive about homeownership and mortgage application than generations before them. Homeownership requires accountability and responsibility; it isn’t something to be stepped into lightly. With proper education on financial literacy, this group will lead the way towards continuous sustained growth and recovery.

Hometown: Rockville Centre, New York

Current Residence: Miami, Florida

High School: Southwest Miami Senior High

College: Florida International University